Friday, 4 November 2011

strange old day

Well today has been the most bizzar day yet. I wake up really early because i had such a good sleep last night! I wasnt in pain when i woke up but i was rather stiff on my shoulders. I was in the living room watching the TV before my carer had even arrived this morning. She did not have a lot to do apart from my hot water bottle and a drink!

So overall my day was ok, until i found out my dads licence had been returned again they want my evidence about who he is but he's already sent that much proof you can not really denie it is him! Before i go into this i better tell you about the rest of my day!

So i have been transfering files from my old computer to my new one ive moved over 2,000 pictures but i am having a break now as i am shattered! Ive caught up on some TV, had man v dog race for the post again and yeah you guessed it ben beat me again! This time he wrecked my magazine that i was waiting for, my monthly cooking magazine!

Then my carer came so i had my bath and a good catch up as have not seen her for a week and i miss our chats!

My dad came did my tea, walked ben, was all very civilised! Then the bomb shell hiw at around 7pm UK time!

My dad can not drive after Sunday evening 11.59pm to be exact because his licences has expired now i would not mind but he has sent all the identification that has been required and still they want more, i mean how can you lie your driving licences, current picture which has been signed, birth certificate, passport! So my dad now can not drive which means, how am i going to feed my dog, walk my dog, get to my appointments get more drink and get more food? I am in real trouble because i am totally house bound now and i have an appointment on Monday for some ground physio i've been on the waiting list around 6 weeks so i can afford not to go to the appointment. More importantly what am i going to do about eating?

I have some issues with food you see and i will not trust people to cook my food unless i know them and the only people who can do my food are my dad and brother and they are now over 3 miles away! Not sure what i am going to do about all this to be honest! I am really stressed out!

Anyway im going to finish there x

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