Sunday, 27 November 2011

Flare up

Todays is sunday and after all the excitment after the past few days my rheumatoid has gone hello i am here for you! Its decided to be very painful, i feel so unstead on my feet. Ive had a little nap today which was nice. I woke up feeling a little brighter my joints just dont seem to have woken up this morning they have stayed stiff much as my mood. Why is it when i go into a flare i always get grumpy anf argumentative? My dad just leaves me to it because he nos there is no point in talking to me. I have had to take some pain relief today because my whole system is hurting. Ive watched the football. Was so very sorry to hear of the death of Gary Speed today such sad news, my condolences go to his family and friends at this time.

I'm aware my blogs seem short at the moment its just my joints are not coping with this cold snap we are having in the uk so im trying to keep you all up to date but not over working my joints, what i need is a touch screen on my laptop much easier on the joints!

Fundraiser is in full flow at the moment so i am really pleased with the progress, pulling in a lot of favours and also getting help from my fellow suffers its great to have such support. Thank you everyone x

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