Sunday, 6 November 2011

Open Letter

It started years ago when i was health i was out going and loved life to the full. I was a foul because i let you i though the grass was greener on the other side without you. I have been thinking about you all these years and miss you and think i wonder if things had been different what we would be doing now.

Now i have RA and i realise that we have grown in to different people and i still miss you but i know its hard for people to understand RA and to live with the fustrations of RA even as a friend/partner it is hard to cope with seeing the other person in constant pain. Seeing them unable to do the things they love it hurts both people. Love some times comes through some times you stsy friends what ever happens no u'll always have a place in my heart.

If you read this understand i needed to get it out my system, if your a friend reading it and wondering who im talking about, dont worry.

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