Saturday, 26 November 2011


So me and 3 of my friends have got together and decided to hold a fundraising event for NRAS who ive contacted about it. I am really excited about it because i hope to be able to spread my story along with other suffer's stories to the general public along with showing what NRAS does for rheumatoid suffer's. We have many idea's as you can imagine and it is all coming together nicely and i am looking forward to being a part of an event again and feel i am giving back to the RA community as many have helped me and i have been really lucky to have found such a supportive group of rheumatoid suffers along with my NRAS group who i meet up with every other month which i enjoy as its good to see and speak to others.

So yeah i hope that i can give some thing back to my wonderful RA community, i love you guys xxx

On another note today, its been so cold, my hands are still not really right but much better than they were at the start of the week. I managed to go out today but thats 2 days in a row and i am shattered i can feel my body is ready for a nap, i hate when fatigue hits :(

Will blog tomorrow :)

Much love xx

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