Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lovely Day

Last time i was very good and went to bed early well for me anyway! As i knew i had to be up early this morning! I slept a little uncomfortably but i was ok. Woke up with the most painful shoulders i have had in a while, i think its the cold weather and the change in transfers because of the new wheelchair hopfully it will settle down again if not i have my pain relief at the ready!

Dad was here at 8am i havn't seen 8am since October when i went to London with my best friend and we met my other mate down there, so it was a bit of a shock and to be fair i nearly took my dads toes out with the wheelchair which was a little funny. I wanted to go back to sleep so i couldnt put the heating on as i would have done lol so instead put on Waterloo road from wednesday to catch up on it :)

My uncle arrived at like 9.30am i was still awake and ready hurray! We drove down to webbs to meet my couisin and girls i could not believe how busy it was! Anyway my couisin was running a little late so we stood waiting with her friend. Then she arrived and the eldest wanted to sit on my lap which she stayed there until santa came, we waved at the elves as they came walking by and talked about santa, all the festive music made me get a little excited because its nearly christmas! Santa arrived at about 10.20am the eldest stood by the rail and waved at him backed away a little when he went past, the raindeer were fab!

We walked around the garden centre well my uncle pushed me and the eldest sat on my lap! At 11 we went to see santa! We walked through a mini wonderland with all fairy lights up, christmas tree's fake snow, snowmen, toy elves and even gifts wraped up! Then we had to wait til the elf came to get us to go and see santa! Now remeber there's 3 adults and 2 kids! Me and my couisin were excited! We went through and eldest saw santa she wasnt keen but she did tell him she wants a bike and a scooter. She didnt want to sit on his knee with her younger sister so we all ended up in the picture next to santa! My couisin was on Santa's knee and i had eldest on my lap in the wheelchair! We left santa and she choose a gift from santa as you get to choose its like a little toy warehouse!

Next we went to see the carasel now at first eldest was going on with her friend but she changed her mind and didnt want to go on! But she decided she would in the end if my couisin went on to! So there's my couisin going on this ride with the kids it did make me smile! Eldest was waving at me as she went past! When they got off my couisin said she felt a bit dizzie because of going round backwards!

Overall i had a really lovely morning it was so nice to see them and spend some time with my family, i love you guys.

I came home rang my dad to tell him i was back and saw if my brother wanted to go out he said he didnt so i lay down to go to sleep next think i knew i had dog under the blanket with me then my brother was going "get up then" haha!

So my brother took me into my local town, i manmaged to get 2 jumpers which i had been wanting as it is winter and they are easy for me to get on and off which is of course a plus! They are nice to! Then after months of looking try to get shoes on i eventually found some actual shoes well black pumps that fit my rheumatoid feet its amazing i feel all womenly wearing shoes! I forgot the last time i managed to get some shoes on my feet, i can not wait til the saturdays now ill wear my shoes jeans and a new top when i find it! Bring on the saturdays :)

Love my little brother for always being there taking me out even when he doesnt really want to because hes 18 and he still helps his big siter out, hes had a lot to contend with in the past 3 years to and i love him for being so strong and dealing with it all so well. Love ya bro!

I came home and had a lovely nap for over 2 hours i needed that! Now im chilling talking to my facebook/tweet mates! Blues drew today again peterborought united which i thought they would! United are currently winning 1-0 against swansea we are on 72 mins at the moment!

All in a really nice day which ive enjoyed even though im slightly shattered! I love my family so much and always will.


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