Monday, 21 November 2011

Pre-paring for "That London" and other girlie breaks!

So today ive had a relaxation day caught the football this evening after i had my counciling session, which went well i felt talked through a number of things and maybe things are not as cut throat as people may think .. prehaps it isnt all because of loosing my mum maybe its just cuz ive had a lot to contend with and its all got tangled together.

Anyway i started planning my trip to london in more detail tonight! I am going to see The Saturdays in 3 weeks with my two of my mates, i can not wait. So we know we are staying at the ibis hotel well me and one of my mates! We are going to see the Saturdays on the friday evening which i am very excited about to! We are trying to decide how we are going to get to london though as we would like to have a celebratory christmas drink so really we dont want to drive but not sure it will be practicle with the wheelchair. So we have a few opition 1 is to the train from Birmingham New street to euston but then not sure how we will get from euston to wembley! 2nd opition is driving down but then we can not drink bad times! We are going shopping saturday with a checky christmas lunch to! We will be seeing the oxford street lights to by night which i myself am extreamly excited about! Oh and hopfully catching up with one of my RA buddies which will be really nice.

Ive got to figure what im taking clothes wise still ive got a rough idea im just worried incase i flare up so will need to take a few pieces just incase! We should jazz the wheelchair up with fairy lights and tinsle! I am really looking forward to seeing the girls and just chilling out!

Then in Feb im going up Birmingham to catch up with more of my friends the weekend before my birthday how exciting is that!!! I can not believe i'll be 27 but i'm looking forward to nandos woop!

Then in March im going to see JLS in Manchester with my couisin and i have to admit i am super excited as will be great to spend some time with her :) We are staying near the M.E.N so we can go on the friday night. Then the saturday we are going to do a bit of shopping and have some couisin time which will be fab!

So even though im in the wheelchair the message is I CAN STILL HAVE FUN! Go out with my friends and family it does take more planning getting the right hotel and stuff but its so worth it :) Bring it on i say


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