Friday, 11 November 2011

The Good The Bad


Had a good sleep last night thanks to my new tablets! Woke up everything was ok, had a bit of a ramble about things. Then had an appointment and i talked a lot, but think everything came to light that i was worried about. Before i knew it was time for my bath, i decided to weight myself before having my bath and i came in at 5 stone 11 not my lowest weight and in a way what i had expected but i dont no it some how shocked me to was like i was reassuring myself that it was ok and it wasn't my lowest weight ever so i would come back from this quicker than i expected. I'll keep you up to date with my on going weight journey, one day i would love to get back to 7 and a half stone pre-RA weight.

Then after my bath i managed to stand up on both my feet which felt so good and then i took some more steps, every step feels like an achievement to me. It makes me feel like im fighting back! I hope that one day i will walk again even if it just around the house it will give me such enjoyment. Im fighting back Rheumatoid i may be down but im certainly not out.

Missed out on an evening out with my couisin and her little girl again becayuse of no wheelchair seats available which makes me sad as id love to go out but one of these shows i will get tickets!

Tonight im chilling out and eating chocolate, thinking about things.

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