Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday yet again!

So i got up early again this morning 9.30am as i had an appointment so that wasnt so bad as my body was ready to get up and go to the appointment. Was at the docs for a good few hours, then poped to do some shopping which wasnt to bad either.

Got home had a few minutes to check my emails and catch up with a program i'd been watching which was good nice to have a bit of vicky time now again.

Then it was time for my bath, we ended up having a good natter today and even forgot to weigh myself. However my carer/friend did ask her son to kindly put a curtain pole up for me to hang some curtains in my large window. It looks really good, slowly feeling more homely. Had a bath then as my hair needed washing. It was nice to have a bit of banter to with some one else!

So after wards i had my tea i had bagel and some chips which was a whole meal instead of just a bagel which is what i often have.

My knees hurting a little today because of the doctors still insomnic. Had a few hours of reflection last night. Msybe i'll blog about it later on.

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