Sunday, 13 November 2011

Energy i forgot i had!

I had terrible insomnia last night i didnt get to sleep til gone 4.30am i was tired but i could not sleep! So i get woken up by my dad i went into the front room and put on the TV to watch the parade for remeberance day. My dad hung out some washing for me then we got ready to go to his for lunch. We get to my dads and my brother isnt up again! We knock the back door for about 10 minutes then he comes and opens the door! We carried on watching the parade. My arms have been a bit stiff today but the pain i was experiencing seems to have gone, which is such a relief. I had my lunch managed to eat quite a bit today. Then me and my brother had a bit of a snap and i was ready to come home. Me and dad had a snap then, this happens a lot when im tired i get snappy when your in pain and tired on top its not a great mix really. They say you take it out on those that you love which is totally correct. I couldn't get my top off today but i needed to go to the supermarket, so dad zipped up my coat and in we went, daring or what! I got the shopping bits i need because tomorrow i have a busy day and i suspect i wont have time to go and plus i needed to make sure i had food in for the first time when some one else is going to cook my tea for me a none family member im feeling really worried about it and my stomach is nervous, although i now know who is coming in tomorrow and i feel a little bit better already have a plan ready as to what i am going to eat. Dad brought all the washing home and left it.

I must have been tired as i got in dad did my hot water bottle and put my blanket on me next thing i knew dad was back to walk the dog, so im talking maybe 2 and a half hours, i hope i get some sleep tonight. I had a second meal this evening which is rare for me. It gave me a boost of energy i'd forgot i could have. So i went in the bedroom and sorted out my "towl and linning" cupboard which is now all nicely out away and ready! Then i sorted out my other draws, ive never had so much energy of an evening to be able to do some thing. I admit my wrist is now hurting but i have a lot of satisfaction from being able to do some thing in the house that needed doing. Went to go to the bathroom and that darn lip beat me i was so angry i stood up and pulled the wheelchair over it and said yeah i beat you! Im just chilling out now ive got a new film to watch later. I think i'll sleep better tonight!

Tomorrow is the BIG day ive been waiting four weeks for, i get my electric wheelchair, i am so excited about recieveing it but i am also a little nervous but i no it will enhance my life further so yes it is a little exciting.

Lots of Love x

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