Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gift search!

I slept really well last night, which was such a relief as it seems agies since i have slept well. I was in bed early around 12-12.30 again! I slept straight through until 10am when i though hold on why hasn't my carer been as i have a 10am call but in the week it is often 9.30am! So i rang the out of hours number and got told they would see when they would arrive. My carer arrived at 10.40 and she said my call hadnt been put on until 10.30am but why when i have appointments and things to do at the weekend would they put a later call on, when i was exact as to the time that was needed.

Anyway then my brother rang and saidf he was going to be down shortly. So me and my brother went into town in search of a Hot Air Balloon experience but we didn't find one which is kind of mad as normally they are every were! So we had to go Redditch with my dad. Off we went my hips were starting to hurt and i was feeling uncomfortable we spent about 1 hour 45 minutes walking round we did not find one, then we got two cards and some chocs and a DVD.

We came home and found an experience online, can not wait til dad see's the gift on Monday. I had some food later when dad was here. My body is feeling tired tonight and my shoulder is hurting to. I'm not enjoying fireworks night as my dog is giving me a splitting headach with the none stop barking as he's scared of the fireworks. It is also cold so my heating is on tonight as the cold makes my joints become stiff.

I am hoping i'll feel ok on monday for my dads 70th birthday, i do have a two hour physio session first.


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