Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Electric wheelchair

Morning! I got to bed at 1am this morning and was woken up at 9.30am so still tired thought i might have a nap on the sofa but to be honest didnt happen! So yesturday was a bit exciting, i didnt watch TV all day! Instead i listened to my JLS album! In the afternoon the lady came to hand over my electric indoor wheelchair and its fab, ive been racing round the house after the dog at 4mph! Its a lot harder than it seems let me tell you! Its getting through the doors and stuff that really causing me problems! Ive got stuck a few times and even taken some paint of the door way it will come with practise it is great though i can just go any were in the house by MYSELF its weird, i kept going in the kitchen when the lady went yesturday just because i could!

I managed to eat 2 meals again yesturday which is great progress must keep going! I know i can do it, just take it slow and sure. I can achieve anything i want to with a little help from those i trust the most, you know who you all are!

I dont have much planned to day as i need to just chill out i have 3 appointments in one day tomorrow! I tell you my organisational skills are good!

Last night trying to get from the bathroom to the living room was funny in the end after my bad attempted the carer had to take the control stick and get me in lol this morning i was tired and not much better my excuss was im tired!

Anyway i'll blog later got to get a few things off my chest, see u soon.


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  1. Many of my door frames have racing marks from me learning!! I even pushed my fridge by mistake at one point. Before you know it, you will be an expert!!