Thursday, 17 November 2011

long day

I was up early this morning 9am and i couldn't motivate myself at all. So i came in to the front room and went back to sleep. I lay down on the sofa and just driffted off. I woke up at 11 and got ready for my appointment. The appointment well really well. Then i spent an hour relaxing, got ben in the kitchen ready for me to go out its much easier now with the electric wheelchair.

I'm getting better with the wheelchair now i dont have to b in 1st speed these days! Im hardly banging into things now. I'm a bit fustrated because i want to go outside these days but i crnt it is awfully fustrating.

Had my reiki today it was really good as useual made me more tired than normal, although i did fall asleep during the treatment today.

Then got home 5 mins before my next appointment. I was off to see a game that a group of disabled people play called bocha. Basically there is a white ball and u have to b closest to that with your coloured balled. it was really good, meeting people with different disabilities and all being included. I had a lovely time. I may even start playing with them on a thursday evening! I primarily went to find out about helping out with a childrens group which i'm hoping i'll be excepted for. I also found out about a wheelchair basketball club, which caught my eye its on a sunday i may go and watch it see how it goes!

Going to sit and watch the darts and chill to my music now, ready for tomorrow


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