Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time for a change

So i spend my days at appointments i have alot, i have a really supportive network of people who help me with general stuff and also activities as well, it means a lot to have the help i get i wont say who or which organisation because thats not right but i thank you, if you ever read this blog.

I can also not forget my hospital team they rock even if some times i annoy them and they annoy me! Also my care agency that help me espically one person who has seen me in tears seen me unable to get out of bed seen me full of the joys, its been a rollercoaster but thank you for helping me get back up dust myself down!

My friends and my family you pull me through when times get tough as ever.

I also have a lot of support from the online rheumatoid community on facebook that spreads worldwide, its good to know your not the only person in the world suffering. But at this point i have to give a massive thank you to twitter as i have meet some really supportive people who id call aquantences and they just see me as vicky nothing more nothing less, no RA just vicky.

To my football buddies online and offline for always having some banter ready .. manchester united and birmingham city are my colours!

Today i decided i have to let go of the old vicky because she doesnt exist any more a new vicky has emerged with RA that has new outlook on life.

This is my story ...

"good bye vicky hello VICKY!"

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