Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day to day Kinda stuff


Well Rheumatoid is being an total pain at the moment. I am suffering from really bad insomnia its awful i didnt get any sleep til about 4am then i was up at 9.30. During my sleep it was unsettled as i kept moving my arm gets stuck its a pain and really hurts if u want to turn over etc.

To get to bed its quite a mission, First i get into my cheer with a hop, then i pull myself with my good foot along phone in hand, place it by the tv switch my dvd on, then pull myself the loo, get the wheelchair close enough to get on but far enough that i can twist on one foot! Then back in the living room switch the tv off, then scoot back in the bedroom, park the wheelchair at the end of the bed and hop sidewards on to the bed, charge the mobile, have a drink and im off for some zz lol!

Morning comes, im so stiff it takes me a good hour to get moving, my carer arrives to help me into wheelchair, then off to bedroom for wash and help get dressed i was so bad today i had to keep my pj top on, i ust wasnt up to getting it off. Then into living room, they leave me 2 drinks for the day. I sit watching abit of TV for half hour, then my appointments start, by 4.30 everyone has gone and dads here to start my tea.

After food dad tops up my drinks then i sit on my sofa and join my friends on facebook and twitter stick my tunes on. Ive still not sent that text that i need to its so hard.

Today ive had to take my max painkillers coz im in pain and my body hasnt loosened up, i hate this cold weather.

I hope i can get some sleep tonight, i need sleep. I'm off to hydro in the morning, my fav carer comes to help me to, its my last session because ive had my maxium session which i feel is unfair as it really helps me.

On a lighte note i neary fell out the wheelchair twice today and ben had a verbal shout at a builder. Oh and im having my kitchen assessed on Monday to see if it can be altered for a wheelchair!


  1. Oh Vicky!! Hate that you are having to deal with this at all~and amazed that you can be humorous about it!
    Isn't there someone you can protest to re your hydro-therapy??
    Living in pain sucks royally!
    ~Mary Magennis

  2. I just try to get through it the best and only way i know how to! Nothing i can do as we have allocated amount of sessions unless i can get into an evening session and pay for them! Pain does suck so does insomnia! x