Saturday, 29 October 2011


Well i'll start from last night! I had a nice carer in last night she got everything done for me and i felt comfortable, she asked if she could come again and i said yes! Went to bed quite early was asleep by i think 1.30ish and slept right thought.

My dad said he came in this morning around 8.15 and i didnt even realise he'd been in aparently i spoke to him! Ive always talked in my sleep! Was woken up at about 9.30am by my normal morning carer havnt seen her for the past week so it was nice to see her! Managed to get my hoodie on this morning, really pleased because it is cold outside! Had a little chat, ben was pleased to see her to! Then i text my brother because id slept through dad coming in i hadnt told him i had a beauty appointment at 10.30! So dad came back and off i went.

Well i was there for two hours! I had a beauty treatment called Reiki im not sure how much you know about it. But basically the person undertaking the treatment puts their hands on points on your body that they are guided to, unsuprisingly mine are of course my joints. Im not sure how it works but after wards although tired it feels so good, my joints have some natural relief. I can honestly say that Reiki really helps me it is so calming and relaxing my joints just feel great afterwards. Since i've been having it the swelling in my joints have gone down which is always a bonus. I then had a pedicure and wore heated boots and they felt so good on my feet was so lovely!

I saw my couisins girls which is always lovely. The eldest took a ride in the wheelchair on my lap today! I think she had fun she waved at me when i was leaving! I do like seeing my couisin, aunty, uncle and the girls, makes me smile! (i must tell you about my visit to tesco in another blog with my couisin a few days a go!)

I came home to watch Arsenal beat Chelsea (5-3 arsenal) well done lads! I do enjoy seeing a good game, then i heard that Manchester United Beat Everton 1-0 goal from Hernandez well done that lad! I then put my heating on and i must have fallen asleep next thing i know my dads here for tea! I must have been tired! I saw that Birmingham City drew with Brighton keep going lads, your fab! I had my tea its so fustrating dad didnt want to cook today so i had to have take out but i didnt fancy it plus i had just woke up so i wasn't in the best of moods! Eating fustrates me because i crn't even cut my own food and dad has to so i feel useless but at least i'm eating!

Im currently Watching the West Brom v Liverpool game its not going great as West Brom are loosing. Im still feeling quite tired i may have an early night.

I am going to sit and watch x-factor tonight and talk to my friends. On that note my couisin is getting married today, i hope you have a fantastic day, if you are reading this!

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