Saturday, 29 October 2011


So it's that time of year when you start looking at christmas gifts! Well i like to buy my couisins girls a gift that they will like so i always ask my couisin. I mean whats the point in buying a gift for kids if you're not 100% sure they will like it?

So my couisin suggested some thing for the eldest. I was going to order it off line but i like to get out when it is possible. So my couisin and i went off to tesco to get the gift! There was only one left so we got it, we was looking and saw some thing for the youngest as well. So both gifts sorted in October yes i was rather pleased with myself. But they were quite large boxes so we had to get a trolly!

My couisin had never taken me out before in the wheelchair. So when she first arrived at mine i was all ready to go. We got to the car and i had to tell her how to dismantle the wheelchair, its the feet first or paddles! Then you pull the cushion off then pull it up from the centre and its folding up, pull two levers at the back and the handle's are flat well we couldnt get one handle down, so one handle up and one down off we went to tesco! My couisin put the wheelchair back together!

So we have these two boxes which were quite large! My couisin when to get one of those wheelchair trollys that attach on, now ive never used them before! So my couisin places the boxes in and i hold on as we couldnt attach it! Well the trolly was going one way we was going another, i couldnt see a thing my couisin couldnt either! We carried on looking round the shop as its a massive Tesco extra you see. We got a talking doll to go with the youngest's gift. So i'd spent the same on them both! Then we got a few other bits!

A nice Tesco worker said oh we can attach the trolly for you (i think we must have looked funny!) But they couldnt attach it either except for one side, so now we are attached me and the trolly! The funny thing is it made it a lot worse! Now my wheelchair wheel and the trolly wheel were getting traped together so we were coming to a stop rather quickly! We went to grab the last thing some dog mixer now im not sure if you know this but the wheelchair trollys are not very large espically with 2 large boxes in them! So my couisin improvised and put a bag of dog mixer on top of one of the boxes, yeah you guessed it i looked a little nervie! I was sitting right back while holding on to the trolly and hoping my wheels didn't clash coz i couldnt exactly get away if the mixer fell now could i!!!

So we made it out of Tesco, no falling mixer bags on me! Everything in the car, including me and the wheelchair!

It was a lovely couple of hours to just spend with my couisin its one thing i miss being able to go shopping with her and have a good natter.

If you're reading this i love you couisin, you know who you are!

Oh and yes neither of us could see a thing, a good fun and a few laughs!

Lots of love

Blog soon

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