Thursday, 27 October 2011

The bathroom and me

My bathroom isnt the biggest in the world infact its pretty small and with my big ass wheelchair its not that easy to move about. But every time i scoot to the bathroom i get ready for a fight! There is a small lip on floor and omg it is a right thing to get over wheels have to be in the right place, if they are facing outwards i wont get in. Imagine doing the long jump at school its like that a 1 2 3 and push and you over the thresh hold! Many times ive become abit stuck! My reversing is quite a treat now as i crnt turn around in the bathroom you see, so i have to reverse out gotta get the wheels in the right place again! I often have a giggle to myself, thinking if people could see me they would laugh because i do, so its ok.

Life in a wheelchair does make me laugh somtimes the simple things are often the most challenging and funny!

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