Monday, 31 October 2011

My Heart and me

Before my new entry i want to give a massive THANK YOU to all of you for reading you are all amazing thank you!

Tonights the night when i tell you about my other health problem. Some of you may know about it others wont. Well i was born with a heart condition called Techtrology Of Fallots which is a condition that means i was born with a hole in my heart, along with a leaky valve which is still leaking and i may need open heart surgery in the future, im a bit scared about this prospect but i know it will only be done when it needs to be done! I also have narrowing heart artries.

When i was a little girl i had open heart surgery, my mum must have been so scared because its a major operation to have and i wasnt even 5 years old. When i was 3 i was very sick and they thought they may loose me but no i fort back, im a fighter through and through.

I pulled throught my heart sugery, i started school in 1990 like the rest of my age group, i meet a lot of people and some i still have contact with via the internet which is lovely. I have 1 large scare that i say is my badge of honour as it is part of me.

Now im 26 i still have year cardiology appointments with my hospital down in London UK at The Heart Hospital. Were i have a fantastic team. I am very lucky because other than a heart cathater when i was younger and my open heart surgery ive never been required to have any further treatment, which i have to say i think is an achievement!

All in all my heart doesnt affect me overly because now i have rheumatoid it does in a sence because i have to be careful as to what medication i can like steroid which many patients take. Also because of the damage espically in my feet it means that my circulation isnt as good as it could be somtimes i go blue on my toes and my fingers but its just because of the circulation, i try not to panic the first time it happened i was like oh no but now i take a deep breath and relax.

So thats me and my heart


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