Sunday, 30 October 2011


Well today i get a lye in! Well til 10.30am when dad comes for sunday roast! I got up. But my shoulders have been hurting today so i wasn't able to get my top off so off to dads with my Pj top on. If i was well enough i wouldnt do this but needs must. Anyway got to my dads and my brother was still in bed so we couldnt get in via the back door! So my dad went round the front got in and came round i think he must have shouted at my brother to as he wasnt long before he came down! We chatted about football and the fact my brother was not feeling well.

Then me and my brother went and talked about my dad's 70th Birthday! We have decided on a Hot Air Ballon cake, how cool will that be? I'd have got him a manchester United cake as hes a fan but my brother got one of those for his 18th! Plus my dad wants a hot air ballon ride for his 70th, i know how dareing is my dad!

We had sunday lunch was yummy as always! My brother stole the salt though and so i had none on my roasts criminal! Although im sure my Cardiologist would be proud! Anyway i had cuddles with my dads dogs Lucky and Mel. They are so cute!

Then i came home, gave ben his chicken parcel my dad does for him every week, bless him! I then, text somthing that i should not have done. I then went to sleep, yay!

Woke up to watch some football, end of cardiff v leeds 1-1 good for blues that result we are 8th in the championship and have games in hand so it looks really good for us! Later i watched spurs v QPR 3-1 well done suprs!

Oh and dad came over with chocolate i just fancied some white chocolate, graving it all day.

I'm just going to chill out the rest of the evening til they come to do my anti-inflam gel.

I am hoping to get some sleep tonight as ive been suffering really badly with insomnia its been quite awful. See rheumatoid is a bit of a pain because it takes away your abaility to sleep at night at times but then other times you just can not stop sleeping. I normally get hit with both at the same time, i crnt sleep at night for anything (insomnia) then i sleep when the sun comes up (fatigue) its a bouncy ride having Rheumatoid.

Lifes a rollercoaster but you have to love it.

Blog soon

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