Sunday, 30 October 2011


When i got rheumatoid i was in a relationship i'd been with this person for 3 years when it started. The person saw me going from a busy women, i never stopped, studying, walking the dogs, seeing friends, seeing family, shopping and of course driving! I had just lost my mum so that hit us both hard as my mum always accepted the person i was with, with open arms as it was who i was with. Then the Rheumatoid started one day i woke up and i couldnt even get my clothes up, so my ex had to help me dress before going to see the doctors. It got worse when one day i was stuck up stairs with my dog and my big cat toby he's a beauty. In the end we had to move because i simply could not live in a house any more. The stress mouted as i could do less and less in the end it was just to much and dmy ex walked away, i cried and i cried because that was it the first time my health had done some thing like this.

Then i got with some one else. It was ok when i was walking but then i had a major flare up and the condition took my knee i lost my mobility and no amount of trying and effort is going to bring it back because believe me i have tried i never give up. The person could not cope.

I think you really have to love some with rheumatoid because if you dont it wont work and you'll hurt the person with rheumatoid so much more than you can imagine.

I think im going to close my heart now because i dont want to be hurt again and the one person in the world that ive loved and lost will be a friend for ever but i know that is all because rheumatoid is cruel.

Love your loved ones keep them close and remeber if you ever think why am i here think very hard before throwing it away because one day you may well regreat that day.

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  1. Oh Vicky, that´s really bad to hear that someone you were relying on couldn´t stand that you can´t do some things anymore and just left you like that! I´m always so angry about people like that. I´m at the begining of my RA, but from time to time I tell my friend (soon husband) that he has to be prepared that one day (maybe in few years, maybe in many years) I won´t be able to do many many things and maybe I won´t even walk. He seems to accept that well and tries to be helpful. I wish you from all my heart to find someone who is worth spending time with and who will love you the way you are. All the best wishes!