Sunday, 30 October 2011

Insomnia and me

I thought i would put an entry about suffering insomnia. I am not sure why people with rheumatoid suffer from it but believe me they do!

For me its been one of the worst things to over come bar the fatigue but that's for a different time. Before i got Rheumatoid i had never suffered from insomnia! Now it is a daily stuggle. When my mates start to drop off at around 11pm to go to bed im still wide awake. I sit here and think why am i not asleep! But even if i go to bed i just lye there and get irrated so i may as well sit up and watch TV catch up with emails from friends and family and talking to other rheumatoid suffers along with making new insomnia friends who those who are working shifts!

It can be rather lonely at 4am but i have my dog whom i love. You no the worst thing is i know i have to be up at 9.30am daily as i have several appointments each day, so i get very little sleep. Even when i do go to sleep most nights it isn't even comfortable sleep, im tossing and turning most of the evening. Ive gone with no sleep for a few days. I can not go to bed until i am starting to fall asleep or i wont sleep at all.

I look forward to a night when i go to bed at a normal time and sleep. Oh yes i forgot that does happen when im fatigued and then i can sleep 10 hours plus a day. Its very strange. You know the worst is when i have insomnia and fatigue all in one go. Im awake all night then my body is just exhausted from fighting and then i sleep most of the day then i can not sleep at night again!

I look forward to a night/day of normality!

Blog soon

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