Friday, 28 October 2011


What a night i had! It was so unsettled i went to bed early like 1am to try and get some sleep as i had hydrotheropy well it did not work, i tossed and i turned all night long. Eventually i must have dosed off cuz i woke up to my carer going "vicky" to which i went urrrrrr!

I woke up and instantly thought oh no pain, well all im going to say is i was very stiff and very painful joints. I eventually i made it so i got out of bed with my carer helping me, 1 2 3 and bounce that upper body cuz no way on earth was my shoulders going to take any weight this morning all 6 stone, you've got to be kidding right?! I then made it to the bathroom and my carer helped me get dressed there wasnt many choices this morning it was a stretchy jumper or a tshirt well as it was cold i went for the jumper! So i was ready!

Opperation ben took place.. Now you see i have this little dog his name is ben, he's a Jack Russell and hes such ace but he hates being left, shut a door and he'll bark! Anyway we got out the door watching ben in the window give big eyes as if to say dont leave me mummy i love you!

So in the car, was it cold this morning brr! I meet my carers friend who's also a carer she seems really nice. So we are off, bit of music on, fog on the motorway just a typical english morning! We arrive at the hospital and you see there is only 10 disabled spaces conjoined to a department were yeah you guessed it, most people have a disabled badge so yes we waited and waited!

Today we got lucky and some one came out when there wasn't anyone waiting but normally we have to fight for these places, clutches at dawn unless you have an automatic of course then its accelerators at dawn! Anyway we park get the wheelchair up then we are off!

I get into the hospital, costume on as ever a mission just coz im stiff in the mornings you see. I go on a new white chair and i fly in the air .. its a swimming bath hoist but its flying right? So im in the water and omg its so hot today its fab! I crnt do much today coz my joints are hurting and physio doesnt want to push them as i flare really easily. Well thats it she says this is your last session and oh what a suprise no follow up physio on "ground level" but she will write to my consultant saying im having a hard time!

Off i go flying again, realli high this time as a women is right by the area woop we are up up and away! Finally come back down to earth! In the shower oh it is so cold my toes are going blue, poor little things! Hot sheet given to me today, thanks NHS! Then i'm off to get dressed after a few near falls and a women climbing over the bed coz shes stuck behind the white chair, we are ready to go!

Today im feeling a bit crap so i grab a drink which i can not open, why do we have lids they are stupid! Carer undoes it for me hurray fluid! Back in the car off to the supermarket as i needed some bits, oh yeah never a disabled bay when you need it, lucky we didnt wait to long. I have a pet hate of people who park in disabled space when they dont need them have u got a badge no but im old, park in a normal bay! Yeah so off home, ben is lying upside down in the window dam he is cute! We get all my stuff and down my ramp it was only finished last week but its fab no more scary step!

In we get and i have my bath while my carer does a few bits for me, you no when you moan about hoovering, i wish i could but thats just another thing RA took away from me doing housework! My carer changes my bed for me! Then i have a bit of lunch as im hungry from hydro then we have a chat, get some drinks, then my carer leaves.

I find out my normal carer is off next wednesday so i cancel my call as its quite personal having a bath so its really important to feel as if you can trust that person. Because although im ok once in the bath, getting out is always fun, one leg at a time, standing up and then hop and fall down the toilet HAHA.

Do you realise how hard socks are to put on? Oh dear i just crnt do them bloody things i mean why make such things! Thankfully my carer helps me with them! Anyway im on my own now general issues with the bathroom, oh and the kitchen that fun go in 360 to get out hoping its not slippy cuz if it is your going to go sideways!

I fall asleep then i hear the dog getting mad, wake up to newspaper every were, this dog of mine has serious issues! I realise the post man hasnt come yet i start getting in my wheelchair then i see the post man, its man v dog in the race for the post, lets say Mr Ben is a lot quicker than me ha! So shredded post, i think hes trying to help as the letters always end up in the living room! Lucky it wasnt anything important! Then i go back to bed cuz i am shattered i sleep straight through til my dad arrives!

I have my tea, then get comfy on sofa with the laptop and my tunes! Its follow friday on twitter so i gave my mentions and got some back to, thanks tweet family! On that note im going to shamfully say if your not on twitter follow me @vicky_bes

Tonight im not sure who's coming to help me "gel up" well my anti-inflam gels so we will see, last night we had record timing here for about 15mins!! Wonder who and how long they will be here tonight .. that is the question

Signing off now, blog soon, keep smiling all x

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